Diabolik lovers boyfriend scenarios he cheats

Shuu - A school girl outfit. Reiji - A maid outfit. It emphasizes certain choice features and the shirt is see-through and the skirt barely covers anything. Kanato - A maid outfit. Ayato - A school girl outfit. Azusa would not be very coherent in bed, gasping and moaning along with his lover, sometimes saying their name. Similar asks for the Sakamakis answered herehereand here.

Ruki would enjoy taking his time undressing his lover and pressing kisses to each new part of bare skin that is revealed, learning each and every spot that his lover is highly receptive to. Yuma would enjoy kissing his lover the most, pressing kisses all over the place. He would also love making them scream for him, he definitely knows how to use his hands and how to multitask. Azusa would take his time to appreciate if his lover dressed especially for him and undress them slowly.

In fact he would make sure to warm them up properly, enjoying exploring their body with his hands or his mouth and discovering what sorts of expressions and sounds he could get his lover to produce. Similar ask answered here. Ask is answered here. Ayato would start out with an open mouth kiss, pulling back every so often to let his lover get a breath before resuming the kiss. While his lover tries to catch their breath after that kiss he would trail kisses down their neck and across their collarbones.

Subaru would start off with slow closed mouth kisses before switching to an open mouthed kiss, accidentally being rougher than he means to at first. I think this counts as a kink Diabolik Lovers dialovers aoi imagines. Favorite sexual thing the Sakamaki and Mukami brothers enjoying doing to their lover.

The Sakamaki's finding out they have an illegitimate little sister coming to live with them? Diabolik Lovers dialovers mukami ruki aoi imagines.Thanks for being patient!!

Keep reading. Ohhhh boy. Please expect posts late tonight or very early tomorrow! Thank you for being patient! Yui generally seems to try to find the good in most people and in the Sakamakis and the Mukamisso as interesting as it would be for Yui to be a baddass adorable looking vampire hunter I think she would have a lot of internal conflict about the fact that she was taking lives of people who she knows have personalities of their own.

If anything, I think she would try to advocate alternative bargaining solutions within vampire hunting circles that still dealt with whatever problems the caused without having to kill vampires. How exciting! Thank you all for your support for this blog!

diabolik lovers scenario

Ahh thank you very much! Ayato: Conflicted. Flustered would be a good word to describe it. Laito: Increased sexual appetite. Likely to ask for sex over and over in an attempt to prove his affections. Tries to be romantic with it, but it comes across as a bit creepy and manipulative even though his affections are legitimate.

Kanato: Constantly trying for her attention. Reiji: The king of backhanded compliments. Shu: Slightly more alert and awake, but not by much.

Subaru: Tries to be sweet, but comes off as rude. Similar to Ayato in the way of getting frustrated with himself around the person he loves. Frequently frustrated and on edge. Tries to mean well, but loses his tempter with himself when he says something wrong or miscommunicates Ruki: Not too much different from usual. Not extremely expressive with his affections towards her but still is able to make himself known.

Kou: Probably would shower her with gifts, but not without something in return be it sex or blood. Still would be a little two faced with her just to get a rousing reaction out of her. Likely to laugh when he gets her angry, or alternatively get angry with her. Yuuma: Physical physical physical.

Aggressive physically, but not in the same physical way Laito is. Wants to touch, but fails to realize just how strong he is. Azusa: Smothering. Would immediately want to be near his lover and keep her close to him.

Would look for any excuse to put his hands on her skin whether it be he face, arm, hands, etc. Just to go over it in this post…Please try to refrain sending in nitpicky things to the ask box that only seek to micro-examine certain headcanons.

Please keep in mind that for image headcanon posts I am only tweaking the wording of what has been sent to me so anything sent to me about specific posts is really going to just be my personal commentary on it and not commentary from the person who submitted it. If you really just want to discuss something feel free to send me an ask about a headcanon to my personal account to discuss different possibilities or on this account and I will answer you privately.

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Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: words Shuu: You were in music class when the teacher called you up to sing. You went up and sang Titanium by sia while playing the piano. When you were done a tear rolled down your cheek. You looked at the teacher and asked if you could leave for a minute the teacher said that you could so you walked out the room and walked around the school then you went back to class and it was almost time to go.

When the bell rang you picked up your stuff and was about to leave but you noticed Shuu sleeping on the couch. You walked back to the couch and woke him up after you did he opened his eyes. When he pulled away from your neck you were a little lightheaded. Yui came to your parents coffee shop when she got there she sat in a booth you got on the stage and sang Rock N Roll by Avril Lavigne.

Yui told you that some guys might come in looking for her. You had cake, ice cream, and coffee. You sang Here's to never growing up and What the hell by Avril Lavigne.

A guy came in when you started singing the first song you were in the kitchen making a ice cream sundae for you three. You knew he was there because you heard the store bell jingle. You came out with 3 sundaes you gave Yui one the guy one and kept one for yourself.

They soon had to leave Yui said bye. Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Get an Invitation.

Diabolik lovers boyfriend scenarios you dance

Comments: 1 Kudos: 11 Bookmarks: 1 Hits: Chapter 1 : First meeting. Chapter Text Shuu: You were in music class when the teacher called you up to sing. Post Comment Note: All fields are required.Hope you enjoy, anyway! Keep reading. Which is… tragic. Originally posted by catchymemes. Now, ah… my writing has changed. This also means, for now, requests are closed.

Diabolik Lovers - Laito x Yui - Flesh - (AMV) - *Request*

Originally posted by zero-three-zero-three-six-six. He would be slightly worried if the baby was affected in any way. Originally posted by gantaiz. Originally posted by yakumocchi. Originally posted by thelittlethingsdl.

diabolik lovers boyfriend scenarios he cheats

He would scoff and laugh at you for being an idiot because you managed to hurt yourself by accident. He would only show some care as he bandaged the wound for you and constantly ask if the baby would be ok.

Originally posted by matsunagatomoyah. He would later feel bad for yelling and kiss your wound to try and make it better. He might even offer you some candy. Originally posted by mayu-killer-lady. Call you dumb livestock and would be quick you bandage you. His words would be hurtful but his body language showed he cared. Originally posted by flawlesshime. Originally posted by natsukineko. He would be worried for the baby but still make sure you were at least okay.

He would be passive-aggressive about the situation. Originally posted by nagittos. He would probably be the one who caused the cut. Originally posted by chirusse. No worry at all. Closest to a reaction would be to laugh and remind you you were a careless baka. Hope you enjoyed! Requests are still open!

Originally posted by xakaashi.

diabolik lovers boyfriend scenarios he cheats

I recently received a request asking about doing a corpse bride themed scenario and I was thinking about turning this into a series.

So for the whole request situation, I will start to post requests once I get up to at least Requests will not be closed unless I obtain a huge amount of requests like Plot: The reactions to you falling to your death.

He would probably be disappointed in himself for not saving you r blood in time. Although, one more bite would have been nice….The girl encounters them, as if being drawn there by the threads of fate. Shuu: When your new album came out he automatically put it on his iPod. You came out with 3 sundaes you gave Yui one the guy one and kept one for yourself. Same Thing Happened A Lot. He's 17, and he's kinda serious. He is also the elder brother of the founding demons the ancestor race of all the demon kinds in the Demon World.

See more Diabolik lovers boyfriend scenarios you get bullied. See more ideas about Diabolik lovers, Diabolik and Lovers.

Are you looking to start watching Diabolik Lovers but want to know a little information about the characters beforehand? Look no further! This article will get you familiar with the not-always-friendly faces of Diabolik Lovers. You made a pouty face at him. Tap the pin now to grab yourself some BAE Cosplay leggings and shirts! The storyline is pretty messed up and hard to understand, unless you've played the game.

Vampiros HairStyles hairstyles when growing out a bob Let's spread diabolik lovers to all over the world with us to get an anime stuff you want free.

He usually has it tied up in a bun with bangs and some strands hanging out from the back. But after such a night, to whom will you speak of love? Would be your biggest fan boi like Oml; On shows where you perform he will be lip syncing along to your parts in the song.

Diabolik lovers boyfriend scenarios you turn them on Your boyfriend would be Diabolik Lovers Laito Sakamaki! His fun loving and care-free personality is what really drew you to him When the two of you first met. Ayato Sakamaki-Diabolik Lovers-Dam of. He can know how to have fun, from time to time. But what sounds like the subject of a romance novel soon turns to despair, as these fanged beauties are Mar 1, - Explore kaboomomfgxd's board "Diabolik Lovers" on Pinterest.

He nearly tackled you the second you walked through the door, but upon seeing your expression, he stopped himself. Which Diabolik Lovers character are you? Diabolik Lovers is a Japanese reverse-harem franchise which has achieved relative notoriety within the country. Surely enough, you came in with your dance bag and your hair still up. He's more mature than average, for his age. Shu was obliviously irritated.

Your boyfriend would be Diabolik Lovers Laito Sakamaki! Please practice hand-washing and social distancing, and check out our resources for adapting to these times.

Ask box is open~

Find images and videos about anime, lovers and diabolik lovers on We Heart It - the app to get lost in what you love. At the behest of her father, Yui Komori goes to live in a secluded mansion, home to the six Sakamaki brothers—Shuu, Reiji, Ayato, Kanato, Laito, and Subaru—a family of vampires.

This is a very short quiz, and their will hopefully be more in the future. Release dates were revealed as well as some Sakamaki. Before we get started with this game! I wanted to say "good job" to all those who make Fanfics. After all, who does not love the pervy vampire? Scenario on the actions the S bros would take to seduce their crush?Similar ask answered here.

Shuu would smile and pull his lover closer to him, burying his face into their hair and close his eyes. Reiji would observe his lover for a bit, possibly leave a kiss on their forehead, before getting out of bed to prepare for the day. Despite having a lover, he still has the rest of the household to think about.

Kanato would reach for their hand and hold them, staring at their clasped hands. Ayato would stare at his lover for a moment before shifting closer to wrap one arm around them and lean close to their ear and order them to wake up. Subaru would blink, his cheeks turning pink. Kou would grin and move closer to his lover, wrapping both his arms around them and spooning them, nuzzling his nose into their shoulder until they reacted by either waking up or trying to move away from him.

Yuma would slide his arms under his head and smile at his lover, just enjoying the moment for a few minutes before leaning over to kiss them on the cheek and getting out of bed.

Azusa would blink and curl up closer to his lover, enjoying the warmth shared between the two of their bodies. Ask answered here. Ask is answered here. And if anything, he can just get his lover to reach for things from the higher shelf for him. I wrote them up for a reason, haha.

If you know who you are, please feel free to resend your asks! Ore-sama is the best! Usually, girls are intimidated, because of his loud voice and intimidating appearance, so this would be new.

Diabolik Lovers dialovers abbee Diabolik Lovers dialovers sakamaki shuu sakamaki reiji sakamaki laito sakamaki kanato sakamaki ayato sakamaki subaru mukami ruki mukami kou mukami yuma mukami azusa aoi imagines.

Diabolik Lovers dialovers spellchecktsarina. I'm on my phone so I can't read the rules I hope this is fine. Diabolik Lovers dialovers xzombieunicorn. Diabolik Lovers dialovers aoi imagines. Diabolik Lovers dialovers sakamaki shuu sakamaki reiji sakamaki laito sakamaki kanato sakamaki ayato sakamaki subaru mukami ruki mukami kou mukami yuma mukami azusa Beniko imagines. Leia imagines sakamaki reiji.Hey Anon! Yes I can - can you please resend to my main blog? Shu: You were sitting with your friends at the school courtyard during lunch time when a larger boy from one of your classes sauntered up to you and began causing trouble.

Just then you felt a strong arm around your waist and someone grip your wrist. Reiji: You had decided to stay after school today as you had an important assignment that you needed to do some research on.

Sitting at your desk in the empty classroom you were startled when suddenly the door opened revealing one of your male classmates who had taken quite a liking to you.

Just an assignment. Need any help with it? How obtuse can you be? Do I make myself clear? Great practise today.

diabolik lovers boyfriend scenarios he cheats

You sat down on the bench at the edge of the field packing your sports bag getting ready to leave when someone sat down beside you. You looked up to see your coach seated next to you.

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Was a great session! You looked down at your lap and saw that he had placed his had on your leg just above your knee. You looked up and saw a very angry Ayato Sakamaki. He turned to you and smirked before grabbing your wrist and dragging you away to reinforce who you belonged too.

Kanato: You were usually had a busy life but last few days had been busier than usual with assignments at school and your theatre club. You had come home after a long day and flopped down on the couch in entry hall of the Sakamaki Mansion where you promptly dosed off and fell asleep. The purple hair vampire walked in and found you curled up asleep. Yes I agree Teddy. Laito: The bell signalling the end of the school day had finally rung and you promptly dashed out class.

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